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resources300UUSC: Five tools for using social media to advance justice: Shelby Meyerhott, Senior Associate for Online Advocacy, talks about five tools activists can use to engage audiences with their social justice campaigns.  Watch on YouTube

UUSC: Storytelling, Mobilization, and Social Media Workshop: Workshop PDF document

UUSC: Webinar on Blogging and Social Media for UUSC Volunteers: UUSC Link


UU Resources:

Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice

The UU College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) was launched in June 2012 as a joint collaboration of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Its mission is to help Unitarian Universalists deepen and sustain the work of justice in their congregations and communities. One way to accomplish this is through experiential learning: programs that help people cross boundaries, gain insight, and imagine new ways to bring their faith together with their yearning to make a difference in the world. The college offers experiential learning journeys and social justice training grounded in the UU faith’s historic commitment to human rights.

UUCSJ programs offer participants intensive engagement with justice work along with the tools they need to bring the experience home again.

UUCSJ has programs specifically designed for high school youth, young adults (college age through early 30s), and ministers and seminarians, as well as experiential learning journeys open to the general population. The college warmly welcomes participants from other faith traditions as well as those who are unaffiliated.

Side with Love

Side with Love is an interfaith public advocacy campaign promoting respect for the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Side with Love confronts issues of exclusion, oppression, and violence based on identity. With the goal of creating beloved community, the campaign pursues social change through advocacy, public witness, and speaking out in solidarity with those whose lives are publicly demeaned. 

Our core issues of focus include, but are not limited to: LGBTQ equity, immigrant justice, racial justice and intersectional movement building.

The broad message, “standing on the side of love,” emerged as a rallying point for people of faith in 2004 in Massachusetts during their early efforts for fully inclusive marriage, and later during the effort to keep the marriage equality law and block Proposition 8, in California in 2008. Originally entitled Standing on the Side of Love, born out of that slogan and song by Rev. Jason Shelton of the same name, was launched after the 2008 shootingat Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, which was targeted because they are welcoming to LGBTQ people and have a liberal stance on many issues. The Knoxville community responded with an outpouring of love that inspired the leadership at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to launch our campaign in 2009, with the goal of harnessing love’s power to challenge exclusion, oppression, and violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, race, religion, or any other identity. Since its inception, Standing on the Side of Love received feedback from disability rights activists within Unitarian Universalism about the exclusionary and ableist language of “standing”. Pushed forward by a Responsive Resolution at GA 2017, we committed to changing the name because of its history of injury and exclusion and to honor and respond to feedback by making the shift. We are excited to now be called Side with Love.  Click the link above to learn more.

Love Resists

The Love Resists Campaign is activating people of faith and conscience to resist the criminalization of our neighbors and communities, and create a safer, more just, welcoming, and sustainable world. The campaign offers a prophetic approach to responding to this political moment in the United States, helping to build the wider movement of resistance. That approach includes powerful principles to ground your justice work which, together, help us live up to who our values and principles call us to be – expand sanctuary, grow solidarity, raising your voice.  Click the link above to learn more.

UUA Office for Congregational Advocacy and Witness

Susan Leslie – Congregational Advocacy and Witness Director
Inspired Faith, Effective Action: A Social Justice Workbook for Unitarian Universalist

Congregations: download PDF document at